The Evaluation Plate from BMG LABTECH has been designed specifically for the validation of the optical functionality of the company’s microplate readers for the purposes of quality control and/or qualification (IQ/OQ) in environments that conform to GLP compliance.

The plate is adaptable with the following BMG LABTECH readers:

  • CLARIOstar Plus
  • FLUOstar Omega
  • LUMIstar Omega
  • PHERAstar FSX
  • POLARstar Omega
  • SPECTROstar Omega
  • SPECTROstar Nano

The evaluation plate has been designed to ease out absorbance and luminescence qualification tests, simplify fluorescence intensity, eliminate the use of liquid standards and save time.

In contrast to liquid tests that are influenced by handling or pipetting errors, the Evaluation Plate minimizes error sources as it is fitted with NIST-traceable absorbance reference filters, as well as solid standards for luminescence and fluorescence.

The software automatically executes workflows for test measurements and data reductions, as well as offers reports on success or failure to meet the validation parameters.

Validation tests and compatible readers

Listed below are the qualification features of corresponding readers. Users can refer to the Evaluation Plate operating manual for compatibility and technical requirements.


Mode Parameter CLARIOstar Plus Omega Series PHERAstar FSX SPECTROstar Nano
Absorbance Absolute accuracy x x x x
Wavelength accuracy x x x x
Reproducibility x x x x
Linearity x x x x
Fluorescence intensity Linearity x x x  
Reproducibility x x x  
Wavelength scan x      
Luminescence Linearity x x x  
Reproducibility x x x  
Intensity x x x  
Wavelength scan x      


If users need additional information on compatibility and technical requirements, they can contact their local sales representative.