The PHERAstar FSX Microplate Reader is the new, most sensitive multi-mode reader available from BMG LABTECH for high-throughput screening. The PHERAstar FSX combines this sensitivity with quick read times.

The Simultaneous Dual Emission, exclusive Optic Module system, dedicated AlphaScreen®, TRF Lasers, as well as UV/Vis spectrometer enable the PHERAstar FSX to perform with high speed and comfort even in 3456-well microplates, regardless your application.


  • Luminescence dynamic range prevailing for 90 years
  • The most sensitive reader in Polarization and Fluorescence Intensity
  • Top and bottom reading with adjustment of focal height (0.1 mm z-height)
  • Quickest read times with Simultaneous Dual Emission, including Alpha Technology
  • Exclusive AlphaLISA®/AlphaScreen® laser
  • Complete absorbance spectra from 220 nm to 1000 nm within a time span of 1 second per well
  • All microplate formats, up to 3456-well
  • Compatibility between robot and stacker
  • Integrated MARS data analysis software and multi-user control
  • Two onboard, high-precision injectors with concurrent reagent injection and detection
  • Latest TRF laser ensures maximum performance
  • State-of-the-art well scanning with up to 900 data points per well


  • Filters and Optic Modules: standard filters from 240 - 850 nm, filters and Optic Modules optimised for specific applications, and bespoke solutions are available
  • LVis Plate: microplate for low-volume DNA, RNA and protein quantification. It includes 16 micro-drop (2 µL) wells, a cuvette slot and optional performance testing feature
  • Evaluation Plate: validates the optical functionality of BMG LABTECH microplate readers for quality control and/or qualification (IQ/OQ) purposes
  • Microplate Stacker: optimises microplate handling and increases throughput by providing rapid loading, unloading, restacking, and continuous feeding for up to 50 microplates


  • With Advanced Assay Stability (AAS) system: from 18 - 45°C


  • With AAS system: width: 48 cm, depth: 68 cm, height: 47 cm; weight: 62 kg