The THERMOstar available from BMG LABTECH is a high performance microplate incubator and orbital shaker that can handle up to four microplates. It is ideal for any enzyme or cell-based assay that needs even and regulated incubation and/or effective mixing.

Microprocessor-controlled heating plates are fitted above and below the microplates to guarantee superior temperature accuracy and evenness throughout the plate, thus offering a constant temperature of up to 56°C with less than 0.6°C difference.

Temperature, incubation time, and shaking speed can be easily programmed through the keypad. The LCD displays all status parameters in real-time.

Compatible readers

  • CLARIOstar Plus
  • NEPHELOstar Plus
  • PHERAstar FSX
  • SPECTROstar Omega
  • LUMIstar Omega
  • POLARstar Omega
  • FLUOstar Omega
  • SPECTROstar Nano