Process-scale chromatography bed supports

Porvair Sciences high performance, precision manufactured Vyon® porous plastics are perfect support materials for chromatographic resins used in the isolation and purification steps of pharmaceutical drug and vaccine production.

Process-scale chromatography bed supports
Image Credit: Porvair Sciences Limited

Manufactured from virgin-grade polymers, compliant with EU and US food and pharmaceutical regulations, Vyon® porous plastics were developed in response to industry demands for higher technical specification, cleaner materials with improved physical-chemical properties.

Vyon® porous plastics meet the key requirements for an effective process chromatography bed support in that they offer rigid and robust support over large areas and always maintain uniform flow. Vyon® process-scale chromatography support discs are proven to deliver optimum flow and to offer reproducible retention of active material superior to other supports such as stainless steel. Beneficially, unlike more expensive chromatography bed support materials, these porous plastic discs are cost-effective single use thereby, removing the time-consuming need to clean and re-use.

Porvair has the capacity to custom manufacture to fit all process chromatography column designs. Larger diameter disc supports (up to 2 meters in diameter) are manufactured in a cGMP clean and temperature-controlled environment to achieve the tight tolerances required for such large-scale applications.


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