Automation-Ready Sample Evaporator for Microplates

Porvair Sciences has launched a new second-generation model of its Ultravap® Mistral - an automation-ready sample evaporator that offers throughput advantages to laboratories looking to optimise and accelerate sample preparation.

Designed to remove the traditional laboratory ‘bottleneck’ of solvent evaporation, industry-leading sample drying reproducibility has been achieved by recent advancements in gas injection technology. The new and improved Ultravap Mistral directly and consistently delivers heated gas up to 80°C in each microplate well or tube allowing most common chromatography solvents including dichloromethane, methanol, acetonitrile, hexane and water to be evaporated with speed and ease. A choice of straight or spiral needles allows users to choose between faster dry down (spiral) and better final drying in V-well plates (straight).

Highly intuitive software, and simple operation from up to 15 stored multi-step evaporation programs, means that even occasional users can gain the full benefits from an Ultravap® Mistral. For regular users, the Ultravap® Mistral offers the versatility of fully flexible programming, for example enabling the evaporation stage to operate at an optimised rate for each solvent type being evaporated.

From the responsive colour touch screen display - gas temperature, pressure and flow rate can all be programmed individually and saved in stored programmes on the instruments controller. Each programme allows up to 5 distinct ramped phases, so that a fast initial drying period can be followed by a gentle final drying phase. Standard control commands stored on Ultravap® Mistral are compatible with drivers of most robot manufacturers making integration a seamless process.

The new Ultravap® Mistral is designed with a flat front profile and platform shuttle making interfacing with almost any liquid-handling robot even easier. The slim benchtop-friendly design of the 2021 version has built-in LED lights that provide great sample visibility.

For further information on the Ultravap® Mistral automation-ready sample evaporator please visit or contact the company at [email protected] or call +44 1978 666222 / +1 800 552 3696.


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