Regulatory framework of stem cell-based therapy in China


Clinical researches of stem cell-based therapies are highly active in China, while it was arduous to determine the most effective way of clinical translation of those advanced therapies.


This article briefly introduced the regulatory framework development, the progress in stem cell clinical researches and clinical trials of commercially developed stem cell-based products, as well as the clinical review concerns of stem cell-based products in China.

Main findings

The current regulatory framework of stem cell clinical researches in China was launched in 2015, when regulatory authorities issued "Administrative Measures on Stem Cell Clinical Research" (AMSCCR) detailing the rules of stem cell clinical research. Thereafter, the rapidly growing stem cell clinical researches were rigorously managed and clinical use of stem cell therapy was halted. Meanwhile, commercially developed stem cell-based products are supervised by Drug Administration Law (DAL).


The regulatory framework of stem cell-based therapy in China has progressed in the last few decades, which is currently regulated according to AMSCCR and DAL. Well-designed and patient-focused clinical trial is required for commercially developed stem cell-based products, and definite clinical benefit evidence is crucial to obtain marketing authorization.

Journal reference:

Gao, J & Gao, C., (2022) Development and regulation of stem cell-based therapies in China. Cell Proliferation in Basic and Clinical Sciences.


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