Create a Customized Microscope Setup with TAGARNO’s ZAP

TAGARNO, a leading provider of digital microscopes, is pleased to announce that it now offers accessories for its ZAP microscope that allow users to integrate it seamlessly into an existing stereo microscope setup. Customers can now get all the features and ergonomic benefits of a digital microscope without the need for a complete overhaul.

Create a Customized Microscope Setup with TAGARNO’s ZAP

Image Credit: TAGARNO

The TAGARNO ZAP microscope is designed to provide versatility and adaptability to meet the unique needs of each customer. With the availability of accessories, users can transform their existing stereo microscope with a ø76 yoke by simply removing the eyepiece and inserting the camera head. This feature is particularly advantageous for those who already have a customized setup and want to enjoy the benefits of a digital microscope without the hassle of disassembling and rebuilding their entire setup.

One of the key advantages of the ZAP microscope is its flexibility in assembly. Customers can choose from various installation options, each offering distinct benefits to cater to their specific requirements. The ZAP can be mounted on a flex arm, a focus tracker, or a third-party ø76 mm yoke, providing users with multiple installation possibilities to achieve optimal positioning and convenience.

We are excited to offer this customized microscope setup with the TAGARNO ZAP. Our customers can now enjoy the advantages of a digital microscope without compromising their existing setup. The versatility of the ZAP microscope allows users to choose a configuration that best matches both their magnification needs as well as space needs.”

Jake Kurth, Country Manager, TAGARNO

By starting with the camera head and selecting the necessary accessories, customers have the flexibility to create a personalized setup that perfectly suits their workflow. The TAGARNO ZAP microscope is designed to adapt to changing needs, ensuring that users can make the most out of their investment. Additionally, the availability of Upgrade kits enables customers to activate more features and enhance the functionality of their ZAP microscope.

TAGARNO remains committed to providing innovative and adaptable solutions for digital microscopy. With the customizable microscope setup of the TAGARNO ZAP, users can optimize their workflow, achieve ergonomic benefits, and seamlessly integrate digital microscopy into their existing equipment.



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