Vial Sampling Kits for PFAS Analysis

Finneran Porvair has introduced new Convenience Kits for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) testing.

Because Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances don't break down they can accumulate over time in the environment and in the human body. There is increasing evidence that exposure to PFAS can adversely affect human health. As a result, regulatory bodies** are increasingly legislating that many materials should be tested to ensure that they contain no traces of PFAS or that the traces are below allowed legal limits.

Because PFAS are widely used in materials, such as PTFE, commonly used in chemical analysis consumables, laboratories are in need of new labware products to minimize background contamination from these chemicals.

Finneran Porvair R.A.M™ screw thread vials are purpose designed for PFAS analyses. Manufactured from chemically resistant polypropylene, they are ideal for 'PFAS-free' sampling, testing, storing and transporting tasks. These lightweight vials are an economical alternative to glass and are designed to work in most autosamplers.

When you are unable to use PTFE as a vial liner – Finneran Porvair Sciences new polyimide/silicone lined closure is the perfect alternative. This new closure has a useable temperature range up to 130°C., while the liner performs well up to ten injections. The polyimide is amber translucent and the white silicone rubber is a high purity rubber composition resulting in low leachables.

Finneran Porvair’s new Convenience Kits for PFAS testing contains 100 R.A.M™ screw thread polypropylene vials and 100 of the new closure/septa, packaged in a clear tray that fit a bench drawer for easy access.

For further information on Finneran Porvair Convenience Kits for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) testing please visit or contact the company at  [email protected] / [email protected] / +1 856 696 3605.


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