Users can now efficiently and simply image tissues in 3D without affecting the underlying cellular morphology with the help of the Visikol HISTO tissue clearing approach. The Visikol HISTO method is designed to work with immunolabeling and is reversible so that conventional 2D histology can be performed after 3D histology.

Visikol HISTO-1 and Visikol HISTO-2, two distinct reagents used in the Visikol HISTO tissue clearing method, are used first and second, respectively.

However, only Visikol HISTO-1 is necessary and can image tissues in small tissues, such as thin brain slices (500 μm). After larger tissues have cleared completely in Visikol HISTO-2, these samples can be imaged in Visikol HISTO-2.

The refractive indices of Visikol HISTO-1 and Visikol HISTO-2 are 1.50 and 1.53, respectively. For a whole mouse brain, approximately 7 mL is needed.