The Single cell dispenser, C.SIGHT™, has been specifically developed for cell line development.


Customized for

  • Cell-line development
  • Quick and efficient single-cell dispensation


  • Proof of clonality available
  • No cross-contamination
  • High cell viability and high recovery offered


  • Combined plate de-ionizer
  • High-accuracy droplet

The experiment is one click away

The C.SIGHT is available with user-friendly and intuitive software. The interactive well plate enables users to freely perform their experiments. Users can save and load templates and experiments instantly from the start screen, so running their experiment is just one click away.


Image Credit: CYTENA GmbH

Operate outside of sterile bench

As a result of its new design, the C.SIGHT can currently also be functioned outside of a sterile bench. The hatch with the flap safeguards their sample and substrate at the time of the process from environmental impacts.


Image Credit: CYTENA GmbH

Featured workflow

The wide product portfolio provides a range of ground-breaking technologies and instruments for considerably increasing the quality, speed, and efficiency of cell line development workflows.


Image Credit: CYTENA GmbH