The F.SIGHT™ OMICS enables accurate and precise single-cell dispensing into PCR plates that are available for downstream miniaturization.

Brightfield and fluorescence

  • Low-pressure system reduces cell stress
  • Bright-field and fluorescent sorting can be done
  • Quick start-up and operation, thereby filling a 384-well plate below 8 minutes
  • Single-use cartridge needs no cleaning, and decrease the threat of cross contamination


Image Credit: CYTENA GmbH

Precise dispensing enables downstream miniaturization

  • Automated offset correction (AOC) tends to adjust droplet trajectory
  • Accurate and consistent cell deposition into PCR plates
  • Allows downstream miniaturization with lysis buffer volumes below1 μL


Improved, disposable, dispensing, cartridge

Gentle dispensing: Higher cell viability

EASY.ON:  magnetic holder

Easy-to-use handling quicker setup time

Cartridges with improved coating

For a wide range of samples: Low cartridge-to-cartridge variation

Cell focusing technology

  • Mild alignment of cells in the center of the dispensing cartridge for improved cell detection
  • Enhances handling of rare cells
  • Processing speeds and cell recovery could be increased

Video Credit: CYTENA GmbH

Automated offset correction (AOC)

  • AOC tends to adjust droplet trajectory
  • Allowing downstream miniaturization of cell lysis in sub-microliter volumes (<1 µl)
  • Guaranteeing accurate and reproducible cell deposition at the center of every well (96/384)
  • Extensive documentation: images available for each AOC measurement documenting the offset


Image Credit: CYTENA GmbH

Guaranteed assurance of single-cell dispensation

  • Time lapse of single-cell deposition
  • Extensive documentation
  • Clonality probability is approximately 99%
  • Comes with nozzle images for every well-documenting dispensation of single cells


Image Credit: CYTENA GmbH

Processing times

Source: CYTENA GmbH

System boot until experiment starts <5 min
Dispensing (96-well plate) single cells ~2 min
Dispensing (384-well plate) single cells ~8 min
Shutdown and cleaning time <5 min


Key benefits

Bright-field and fluorescence

  • Ground-breaking dual-camera system
  • Image-based cell detection is possible
  • Regulate both cameras separately and freely adapt the power setting for the built-in blue laser
  • Concurrent capture of bright-field and fluorescence images at complete resolution

Fast and gentle single cell dispensing

  • Low impact on cell integrity or viability
  • Just 5 to 80 µl sample volume needed
  • Single cells are mildly dispensed into a 96-well plate in just 2 minutes or into a 384-well plate in less than seven minutes

EASY.ON cartridges

  • Sole cartridge is magnetically fixed for simple and quick loading
  • Contrived by microfluidic experts to guarantee cell viability with the tender handling
  • Its single-use design removes the threat of cross-contamination between samples

Compatible with robotic automation workflows

F.SIGHT Omics’ lid opens in an automatic manner, thereby making the quickest single-cell dispenser completely consistent with robotic automation workflows

Intuitive software

  • Intuitively developed and quick
  • Separate fluorescence experiments could be set up within just minutes
  • Users can get isolated full-resolution bright-field and fluorescence imaging together with an overlay image

Cell-focusing technology

  • Users can mildly align cells at the center of the dispensing cartridge for excellent cell detection
  • Cell morphology has been captured and quantified
  • High processing speed and least cell loss; considerable enhancements while functioning with unique cell types