The I.DOT, which uses Immediate Drop-on-Demand Technology, is a top option for noncontact liquid handling tasks. By streamlining user workflow, every lab will have intuitive automation, accuracy, and speed. Users will significantly reduce the volumes of liquid reagents by using I.DOT.


  • Sustainable solutions to the life science industry
    • With the I.DOT, there is less plastic waste and less of a carryover risk than with hand pipetting
    • Enjoy significant cost savings on priceless reagents and sample while reducing the lab’s carbon footprint

Cytena I DOT

Image Credit: Cytena

  • Speed and control while minimizing cross-contamination
    • Using the patented Immediate Drop-on-Demand Technology (I.DOT) method, liquids can be handled without making contact
    • A tiny hole at the bottom of each well is used by the system to produce droplets ranging in size from 8 to 50 nL using eight individually controlled positive pressure channels
    • Users have control and speed, thanks to each channel’s ability to produce up to 100 droplets per second while minimizing cross-contamination
  • Well reservoir design ensures dead volume <1 µL to conserve valuable reagents and samples
  • Noncontact
    • The system enables the dispensing of droplets into the target plate beneath the source plate. Carryover and cross-contamination are eliminated by I.DOT
  • Supports multiple liquid classes
    • Multiple liquid classes, such as aqueous solutions, PCR buffer, DMSO (up to 100%), and glycerol (up to 50%), are dispensed on demand, and the liquid class is defined at the well level
  • Speed
    • A total of 10 nL should be dispensed over a 96-well plate in 10 seconds and a 384-well plate in 20 seconds
  • Low dead volume
    • For routine single-cell library preparation, automated liquid handling is essential because it cuts down on manual labor and operator bias
    • Assay miniaturization is made possible by the I.DOT’s further workflow optimization

Application areas

  • Sample preparation
  • Single-cell isolation
    • Create a culture of eukaryotic cells that glow green in well plates. Fluorescence and bright field imaging. Enables even low-intensity samples and is fully tunable

Cytena I DOT

F.SIGHT. Image Credit: Cytena

  • I.DOT
    • Enhancing users’ workflow to add logical automation, accuracy, and speed. It drastically lowers the volumes of the liquid reagents

Cytena I DOT

I.DOT. Image Credit: Cytena

  • Sequencing and analysis