For the UV curing of systems like hydrogels and bioinks, Irgacure 2959 is a highly effective non-yellowing radical photoinitiator. UV light with a wavelength of 365 nm works best to activate Irgacure. Irgacure cannot be dissolved in water (such as LAP and Ruthenium) and needs to be dissolved in methanol.

This irgacure product is considered to be non-sterile. The cell culture system should be supplemented with antibiotics, and sterile filtering is advised.

The desired amount of irgacure should be resuspended before being filtered through tiny 0.2-micron button filters to achieve sterility. In no more than two weeks, use the sterile photoinitiator. 5 gm of dry powder make up this product.


Gel packs are used to ship the product. The product should be kept between 2 and 8 °C. Calculate how much powder needs to be dissolved by weighing it. Use within two weeks of solubilization.

At 2–8 °C, non-solubilized dry powder is stable for more than a year.