This PhotoGel®-INK is known to be sterile, user-friendly 50% degree of methacrylation gelatin (10% solution) having 0.25% LAP. This has been developed to work perfectly along with the BIONOVA X DLP Bioprinter for breakthrough 3D cell culture.

Advanced BioMatrix provides PhotoGel®-INK, a sterile, pre-formulated 10% methacrylated gelatin ink with 0.25% LAP for quick 3D bioprinting with the BIONOVA X.

The PhotoGel® comprises purified methacrylated porcine gelatin (25 mL) and LAP photoinitiator. The gelatin is known to be a type A 300 bloom.

PhotoGel® has been generated from methacrylated gelatin where the gelatin has been altered by reacting with the free amines. This is done mainly since the ε-amines groups of the lysine residues as well as the a-amines groups on the N-termini. Approximately 50% of the total lysine residues of the gelatin molecule has been methacrylated.

Source: Advanced BioMatrix

Parameter, Testing, and Method Methacrylated Gelatin
Sterilization Method Filtration
Sterility - USP modified No growth
Form Sterile Solution
Package Size 25 mL
Storage Temperature 2-8 °C
Shelf Life Minimum of 6 months from date of receipt
Degree of Methacrylation ~50%
Source Type A, 300 Bloom, Porcine Gelatin
Hydrogel Young's Modulus E (Pa) Characteristic



  • PhotoGel® Gelatin methacrylate could be utilized to develop cross-linked hydrogels for 3D printing and tissue engineering.
  • The common forms of 3D printing with the help of Lifeink® 300 include extrusion, inkjet, and photolithography.
  • PhotoGel® has been utilized for endothelial cardiomyocytes, cell morphogenesis, injectable tissue constructs, epidermal tissue, cartilage regeneration, and bone differentiation.
  • Gelatin methacrylate has been used in drug delivery applications in the form of hydrogels and microspheres.