LAP is a photoinitiator that dissolves in water and is used to start the polymerization of hydrogels or bioinks. Due to its greater cytocompatibility, LAP—which is photocrosslinked with 405 nm blue light—is frequently chosen over Irgacure 2959.

LAP is a cytocompatible, water-soluble photoinitiator used to create hydrogels or bioinks. Due to its higher water solubility, higher rates of polymerization with 365 nm light, and absorbance at 400 nm allowing for polymerization with visible light, this photoinitiator is preferred over Irgacure 2959 for biological applications.

It has been demonstrated that the enhanced polymerization kinetics allow for cell encapsulation at lower initiator concentrations and longer wavelength light, which increases cell viability and lowers initiator toxicity.

This LAP product is not considered to be sterile. The cell culture system should be supplemented with antibiotics, and sterile filtering is advised. Resuspend the required amount of LAP for sterile filtering, and then run the filtrate through tiny 0.2-micron button filters. The sterile photoinitiator should be used within two weeks.

There is 500 mg of dry powder in this product.


The product is delivered in gel packs. Keep the product between 2 and 8 °C. Measure out the necessary quantity of powder for solubilization. Utilize after solubilization within two weeks.

Dry powder (non-solubilized) is stable for >1 year at 2–8 °C.