PEGDA-INK from Biomatrix is a 10 mL of preformulated 50% PEGDA ink (700 MW) with 0.5% LAP that gels quickly with the help of the BIONOVA X DLP 3D Bioprinter.

Polyethylene Glycol Diacrylate (PEGDA) hydrogels are known to be strong tools for discovering basic cellular biology since they are known to be biologically inert and their mechanical properties could be altered over a large range of moduli.

PEGDA is a developing scaffold for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering as polymerization could occur quickly at room temperature and need low energy input. Also, it has high water content and is elastic. Also, it can be tailored to include a range of biological molecules.

PEGDA is considered to be a crosslinker that repeats polymer crosslinker and is >80% acrylated. It could be utilized as a thiol-reactive crosslinker in the HyStem systems at concentrations or can be utilized to make a PEGDA-only hydrogel in the existence of a light source or free-radical chain photoinitiator. Normally, PEG-only gels do not aid cell attachment in the absence of the incorporation of cellular attachment sites.


  • Regular and 3-D cell cultures could be done
  • Possible to perform tissue engineering
  • Photolithography

Users can store PEGDA in the original vial closed at −20 °C for up to one year. It is possible to reconstitute PEGDA solutions that can be stored at −20 °C for approximately one month.